The Acid Blondie is hands down my favorite Cigar!

The Smoker’s Corner Tonyia Crews, The Modern N Distinguished | Official Review "The Acid Blondie is hands down my favorite Cigar! This beautiful Blonde bombshell is the way you want to go if you like a light flavored smoke. This cigar opens like it was dressed for a...

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Capital Cigars Cigar of the Month: Jailbreak

The Smoker’s Corner Nashid Madyun, Editor In Chief The challenge of reviewing a cigar can be equated to judging the enjoyment of a football crowd at a 10,000 capacity game, all tied with 30 seconds to go. There is the obvious intensity, the expectation of victory, and...

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Announcing Cigars & Stilletos

Click to enlarge The Capital Cigar Club announces "Smoke & Stilettos". A premier event every Wednesday evening from 7pm - Until! Men, bring your ladies. Or single adults, bring your friends and enjoy an evening of sophistication, great conversation and many...

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